Hearing Aid Styles (How to Choose a Hearing Aid)

There are many hearing aid manufacturers with a great variety of hearing aid styles, types, and prices. It can be confusing, especially since each seems to have an acronym, to determine the right hearing aid for fit and lifestyle. Not only do we offer the best hearing aids in the metro Philadelphia area but we provide superior audiological services to support you before, during, and after your hearing aid purchase.

Behind The Ear BTE Hearing Aid
Behind The Ear

Behind The Ear hearing aids are often referred to as BTE, and are one of the more common types on the market.  A BTE hearing aid consists of the casing which sits behind your ear and contains all the electronics.  Connected to the top of the casing is a clear or colored hollow tube used to get the sound to your ear.  At the tip of the tube is a soft seal which dampens outside noises focusing on the hearing aid output, and gives a comfortable fit. One of the larger casing sizes, it is usually used with high power hearing requirements, or a large battery is needed.  Also referred to as Mini BTE or BTE Slim Tube Tip.

Receiver In Canal RIC Hearing Aid
Receiver In Canal

Receiver In Canal hearing aids are often referred to as RIC, and are one of the more discreet styles on the market.  RIC hearing aids consist of the casing which sits behind your ear and contains part of the electronics and battery.  Coming out of the top of the casing is a thin wire that gets the signal to your ear.  At the tip of the wire is a small electronics package containing the speaker getting the sound that much closer to your ear canal.  Surround the electronics package is a soft seal ear piece which keeps out unwanted outside noise and focusing the processed sound.  The thin wire design and slim casing options creates a discreet look and high sound clarity.  Also referred to as Receiver In The Ear, RITE.

Completely In Canal (CIC) Hearing Aids
Completely In Canal (CIC)

Completely In Canal (CIC), In The Canal (ITC), Invisible In Canal (IIC), In The Ear  (ITE) are a series of hearing aids with a similar configuration.  The casing is very small allowing for varying depth into your ear canal, and contains all electronics needed.  They can have a generic fit tip for fitting most ears and is common to IIC and ITC types.  They can have a custom molded casing or canal tip and is common to CIC, ITC, ITE types.  All these are used when a behind the ear (BTE) unit casing is impractical or if absolute discretion is desired.

Still not sure which hearing aid style or type is right for you?  Not to worry, just give us a call at  (855) 432-7235 with your questions and we will help you decide based on your hearing loss needs.

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