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Sennheiser All-Day Clear Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aid

Sennheiser All-Day Clear Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aid

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Introducing Sennheiser All-Day Clear OTC self-fitting hearing aids that let you listen in style. Perfect for everyday environments, their exceptional performance adjusts to your specific hearing needs. And with the choice of two sleek styles offering comfortable,
all-day wear, you’ll be sure to look as good as you hear.

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Sennheiser All-Day Clear hearing aids combine exceptional hearing performance and seamless connectivity in just a few taps.

The new Sennheiser All-Day Clear OTC self-fitting hearing aids specifically designed for people with a mild to moderate hearing loss like you. All-Day Clear brings exceptional hearing performance and life-enhancing technology at a price significantly lower than traditional hearing aids.

You’ll be amazed at how it fits into your everyday life with:

  • Clear and vibrant sound personalized for you
  • Bluetooth® connectivity for hands-free calling and music streaming
  • Easy-to-use companion app for setup and in-the-moment control
  • High performance rechargeable battery for all-day wear

You can easily customize All-Day Clear to your specific hearing needs using the All-Day Clear app.

Experience clear and vibrant hearing

Ready-to-wear hearing solution with advanced sound processing technologies to support those with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss.

Create your own sound profile

Easy personalization via the All-Day Clear app to meet your hearing needs.

Adapts to changing environments and content

Automatically detects and optimizes the sound according to your environment to provide the best enhancement for speech or music.

Seamless Connectivity

Built-in Bluetooth® lets you take hands-free calls, and stream music, podcasts, audiobooks and more with just a tap on your smartphone.

Effortless set-up and ease of use

Intuitive app ensures easy set-up and personalization.

Sleek, lightweight designs in a choice of two styles

All-Day Clear and All-Day Clear Slim provide a choice of wearing styles with all-day comfort.

Up to 16-hour battery life*

Supports you throughout the day with a high-performance rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
*Battery life is dependent on individual usage