HearByDesign.com Privacy Policy

HearByDesign LLC of Pennsylvania statement of privacy policies and practices concerning client data.  For purposes of this document HearByDesign LLC will be further referred to as HBD. Client data is defined as but not strictly limited to HBD client records, purchases, contacts, history, browsing, financial information, public and private available information, any information provided by clients to HBD.  Scope and extent of this statement is as follows.

  • Holding of Client Data; HBD will hold private all client data, exercising due care and practices to secure said client data. Client data will be stored only to the extent required for continuance of HBD client contact and service provision. Client data will be stored to the extent required by and in compliance with applicable laws.
  • Use of Client Data; HBD will use client data in direct connection with individual sales transactions with the client. HBD will use client data for retention of customer contact and direct marketing of HBD products and services through electronic and print media. HBD will not use client data for third party marketing and client contact.
  • Sharing of Client Data; HBD will not share client data with any third parties excepting those directly required and associated with individual sales transactions (i.e. credit card processors, hearing aid manufacturers). HBD will provide client data to non-sales transaction associated third parties only with express written release and consent of the individual client.  HBD will provided individual client data when legally required by warrant of law to applicable agencies.
  • Destruction of Client Data; HBD will destroy client data after a reasonable time following cessation of client relationship with HBD or at the written request of the client, subject to the following exceptions. HBD business records required for retention by law and in the continuance of HBD future operations.  Elimination of personalized aspects of client data and retaining only that which is necessary for regulatory compliance.
  • Hold Harmless; Client will hold harmless HBD for wanton malicious criminal acts of third parties that exceed HBD security practices resulting in client data breech and release. Client will hold harmless HBD for the failure of required sales transaction third parties to secure shared client data resulting in breech and release.

By continuing to patronized and utilize the services of HearByDesign.com and HearByDesign LLC of Pennsylvania, client agrees to be bound by this statements provision in whole without reservation. This statement is subject to future revision with notification of client to all changes.

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