Hearing Loss

Why do we lose our hearing?  It’s a basic question that leads you here, and could have several answers.  You are however taking the best first step, and that is education about hearing and what you can do.  Let take a look together.

what to do about hearing loss if you live in PhiladelphiaA critical sense in every meaning of the phrase, hearing brings us the world in several ways.  The most basic is listening, by which we mean the basic sounds around you from music to noise.  Understanding is the process by which your brain converts the sounds into the thoughts and ideas others are trying to convey to you.  Intensity and location of sounds are brought to you by virtue of having two ears working in tandem. All these parts come together to make the whole that is your sense of hearing. Yet degrade one part and this sense can suffer.

noise on Philadelphia highways can contribute to hearing lossDamage, pure and simple, is the reason for the increasing prevalence of hearing loss in younger and younger people.  Our ears were developed in a world of silence compared to today, where the loudest sound we would incur was a crack of thunder or humans celebrating by the campfire.  As the modern world came to be, it brought sounds at intensities our ears weren’t meant to handle all the time.  Everything from the roar of traffic to rock music through our ear buds, and each moment we are bombarded with these a little hearing is lost.  Eventually the once clear sounds and voices are lost, muffled until we seek help to bring them back.

illness can also contribute to hearing lossIllness can bring about a sudden loss in hearing, without warning in ways you might not think.  An infection of the ears left untreated, while you may feel better now it may have eroded the delicate inner workings you depend on.  Some medications have the very slim chance of effecting the nerves connecting your ears to the brain, and while the possibility is remote it does happen.  A whole host of maladies can sever the delicate link to the world of sound.

age can also contribute to hearing loss or to becoming hard of hearingAge, last but not least, is the slow detractor to hearing and a result of our tenacity to live a long life.  Simply put our ears are tiny delicate machines, and as such subject to wear and tear.  Eventually the mechanisms that keep your ears going will break down.   There are those who have, and those that will lose hearing acuity with passage of time.

All these factors can pull our hearing from us, but not to worry.   You have an array of possibilities, all you have to do is take the first step and get a hearing test.  After you do that, we look forward to working with you and return to the world of hearing.

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