What to Know Before You Buy

So you’re ready to purchase a hearing aid, and have chosen us to provide it. That’s excellent, and we cannot wait to provide you with top quality products and service. Having us as your online hearing aid provider will make things convenient, and here are some things you should know to speed our service along.

We will need a copy of your audiogram.

This is that chart you received when you had your hearing tested. If you haven’t had your hearing test, or didn’t get your audiogram you need to get one. Best of all, most places that test hearing do it for free.

Once you get an audiogram, you can send it to us several easy ways.

  1. Take a close up picture with your smart phone or scan into your computer, and email it to Sales@HearByDesign.com.
  2. Fax it to (855)-HearBD-5
  3. Mail a copy to HearByDesign
    1500 Horizon Drive, Suite 120D
    Chalfont, PA 18914

Please make sure your full name is visible and legible on your audiogram.

Why do you need my audiogram?

A hearing aid is an instrument carefully tailored for your individual hearing needs. A straight out of the box a hearing aid is referred to as “blank”, meaning that without programming it will elevate all sound levels. In order to setup your hearing aid properly, we need your audiogram so it’s ready for you on day one.

Why can’t I just click “buy” and get my hearing aids “blank”?

You can click “buy” right now and start the process of getting your hearing instruments. After you do, a member of our sales staff will contact you if we do not receive your audiogram or you need assistance. A “blank” hearing aid can actually damage the good hearing you have left, and constitutes improper usage of the device. We do not sell “blank” hearing aids directly to the public.

We look forward to serving you, and if you have any more questions contact us at Sales@HearByDesign.com.


Hearing Loss

Why do we lose our hearing? It’s a basic question that leads you here, and could have several answers. You are however taking the best first step, and that is education about hearing and what you can do. Let take a look together. A critical sense in every meaning of the phrase, hearing brings us the world in several ways. The most basic is listening, by which we mean the basic sounds around y ou from music to noise. Understanding is the process by which your brain converts the sounds into the thoughts and ideas others are trying to convey to you. Intensity and location of sounds are brought to you by virtue of having two ears working in tandem. All these parts come together to make the whole that is your sense of hearing. Yet degrade one part and this sense can suffer.
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Hearing Aid Styles

There are many hearing aid manufacturers with a great variety of types and acronyms, all of which can be quite confusing We are here to guide and help you. Behind The Ear hearing aids are often referred to as BTE, and are one of the more common types of hearing aids on the market today. Receiver In Canal hearing aids are often referred to as RIC and are one of the more discreet styles on the market. Completely In Canal (CIC), In The Canal (ITC), Invisible In Canal (IIC), and In The Ear (ITE) are a series of hearing aids with similar configurations. The casings are very small allowing for varying depth into your ear canal.
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Signature® Premium Digital Hearing Aid Kit

  • 2 premium wireless hearing instruments
  • Presentation case
  • 10 batteries (Zinc air only)
  • Phone magnet
  • Cleaning cloth and brush
  • Travel pouch
  • User guides

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Hear More. Hear Better.
In More Places.

Hear by Design’s Signature® Premium Digital hearing aids offer state-of-the-art technological advances, contemporary styling, convenience, and powerful performance to give you the discretion you require and the natural listening comfort you’ve been wanting. Now, it’s as easy as ever to stay connected with family and friends while also enjoying clear and understandable sound from your TV and smartphone.

Contact our Hearing Aid Center staff for details.