Hear by Design Signature®
Premium Digital Hearing Aids

We understand that you expect to hear and understand clearly no matter where and what you do. Our Signature® Premium Hearing Aids are differentiated by unique features that enrich the quality of your everyday life.

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Key Features

  • Natural sounding “sound” experience
  • New state-of-the-art hearing aids that virtually disappear behind your ear
  • Captures voices in both ears – our technology detects and clearly transmits speech signals even in the toughest environments
  • Speech in Wind – understand speech signals clearly even when the wind is blowing
  • Auto StereoZoom – our technology pinpoints the exact voice you want to hear from a noisy environment
  • DuoPhone – Like stereo listening, it’s always better to hear the sounds in both ears. When you hold the phone up to your ear, the voice is automatically streamed to your other ear resulting in superior sound quality and understanding
  • NoiseBlock – understand conversations even better when there is noise in the background, i.e., car traffic, whirling ceiling fans, kid’s music.
  • SoundRelax – unexpected and loud noises, i.e., doors slamming, dishes banging together, are softened for a more relaxed conversation experience
  • WhistleBlock – the ever-annoying whistling noise many hearing aid wearers experience are eliminated
  • SoundRecover – lets you hear and understand the high pitched sounds that you used to be able to hear, i.e., singing birds, the sound of crickets at night, children singing in the background, doorbell rings, etc.
  • UltraZoom – fades side and back sounds into the background so you can hear and understand your conversation even better

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In More Places.

Hear by Design’s Signature® Premium Digital hearing aids offer state-of-the-art technological advances, contemporary styling, convenience, and powerful performance to give you the discretion you require and the natural listening comfort you’ve been wanting. Now, it’s as easy as ever to stay connected with family and friends while also enjoying clear and understandable sound from your TV and smartphone.

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Kit Includes

  • 2 premium wireless hearing instruments
  • Presentation case
  • 10 batteries (Zinc air only)
  • Phone magnet
  • Cleaning cloth and brush
  • Travel pouch
  • User guides

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